AGRI markets & statistics

  • 29/04/2021
    See the latest updates: Weekly pig pricesWeekly pig prices – detailsWorld pig pricesEU pig historical pricesEU pig historical prices – details More information on pigmeat statistics Please note that the pigmeat dashboard is now updated daily…
  • 29/04/2021
    The dashboard gives an overview of the sheep meat market situation - latest update 29/04/2021.
  • 23/04/2021
    Latest: World production of raw milkEU spot prices of raw milk EU prices of dairy commoditiesEU historical prices World prices of dairy commoditiesGDT auction results World production of main dairy productsEU yield of dairy cowsEU prices of raw…
  • 28/04/2021
    The dashboard gives an overview of the poultry meat market situation - latest update 28/04/2021
  • 23/04/2021
    See the latest updates: Trade EPA/EBA 2020/21 Balance sheet Balance sheet presentation Price ACP Price ACP - detailed Price producers by regions Price producers by regions - detailed The dashboard gives an overview of the sugar market situation -…
  • 22/04/2021
    The dashboard gives an overview of the eggs market situation - latest update 22/04/2021.
  • 08/04/2021
    See the latest dashboard update 08/04/2021 Weekly beef pricesLatest carcase pricesLatest live bovine animal prices   Monthly EU bovine trade…
  • 04/03/2021
    The dashboard gives an overview of the tomatoes market situation - latest update 04/032021
  • 25/02/2021
    This price dashboard provides a monthly summary of commodity price data for the most representative agricultural inputs, agricultural products and consumer food prices, at EU and world level - 25/02/2021
  • 18/02/2021
    The dashboard gives an overview of the apples market situation - latest update 18/02/2021.
  • 11/02/2021
    The dashboard gives an overview of the cereals market situation - latest update 11/02/2021.  
  • 20/01/2021
    The dashboard gives an overview of the olive oil market situation - latest update 20/01/2021.
  • 28/01/2021
    The total organic area in the European Union (EU) was 13.8 million hectares in 2019, corresponding to 8.5% of the total utilised agricultural area. This represents an increase of 46% between 2012 and 2019. Among the EU Member States, the countries…
  • 07/01/2021
    The dashboard gives an overview of the citrus fruit market situation - latest update 07/01/2021
  • 16/10/2020
    The preliminary results of the Special Eurobarometer 505: Making our food fit for the future - Citizens’ expectations (August - September 2020) are now available.  You can access the country factsheets and the annex via the link below.
  • 23/09/2020
    The EU has a substantial livestock population: there were 143 million pigs, 77 million bovine animals, 62 million sheep* and 12 million goats* in December 2019. The majority of EU livestock are reared in just a few EU Member States By and large,…
  • 18/09/2020
    The dashboard gives an overview of the peaches and nectarines market situation - latest update 18/09/2020.
  • 05/03/2020
    The dashboard gives an overview of the oilseeds market situation - latest update 05/03/2020
  • 02/03/2020
    See below the latest updates: EU Sugar Market Observatory - Presentation Market situation presentation EU Sugar Market Observatory - PRICES - reporting Price reporting
  • 20/02/2020
    Cereal updates  Trade:             Cereal trade (customs surveillance) Oilseeds and protein crops updates Trade:             Oilseed trade (customs surveillance)   More on the EU Crops market observatory